About us

@SHOPJAYDEE is an art-meets-fashion brand based in
New York City. Hand painted and curated by artist Jaydee. By improving, recreating and up-cycling what already exists with different art techniques we have reached a big
role in the fashion industry and aficionado clients all over the world.
Utilizing an ever-evolving process, we apply traditional and nontraditional
artisan techniques to renew the forgotten and the ordinary.
We are known for the ability to transform any theme or inspiration
into a glimmering chimerical fashion paradise full of wonderment.
Our collections feature covetable hand painted prints, hand
worked details of appliqué, embroidery, intricate beading and
intensely detailed sequinned elements.
Artistic collaboration is an integral part of design for Jaydee, who
choose to collaborate with artists or brands that share their
creative passion and are dedicated to their own process,